A proposal has been submitted to the Town of The Blue Mountains by the owners of the Conn Gravel Pit seeking changes to our community's official plan. The changes would allow a new pit to be established bordering the Pretty River Valley Provincial Park and enable the operators to destroy the significant wildlife habitat buffering the park. Increased noise and dust from gravel extraction will impact the Pretty River Valley and more large trucks will haul large loads on roads around the Valley and Three Stage. We need your help to keep this rural land as significant woodland and forest. Help us convince our council that changes should not be made to allow its destruction. Please sign our online petition or contact the municipal office directly.

Friends of The Pretty River Valley

Stop the Pretty River Gravel Pit Video

The magnificence and beauty of the area is clearly captured.
The proposed application would decimate and scar the landscape forever.
The unforgiveable mistake of granting the Gibraltar Sand and Gravel and the Bates Pit licences cannot be compounded.
The Gateway to the Park must be protected

Produced by Brian Hunt - August 7, 2018

Video featuring Jeff MacInnis and Scott Thornton.

Contact Us

Email: info@noprettyriverpit.ca


Ian Sinclair - August 27 Presentation to Blue Mountains Council
Purpose: To encourage Council to NOT allow a change to the Official Plan to Re-zone for Aggregate Extraction bordering The Pretty River Valley Provincial Park; and to encourage Council to NOT allow extraction below the water table

Letter of Support from Blue Mountain Watershed Trust
The Blue Mountain Watershed Trust is supporting the goals of the Friends of the Pretty River Valley in its efforts to stop the Gibraltar Sand and Gravel Pit!

Local Planning Appeal Tribunal
Ontario Municipal Board Hearing to take place November 20, 2018

April 4 2018 Presentation
Ian Sinclair's Presentation to the Committee of the Whole

Letter To Town Council
Letter from Ian Sinclair to Town Council to Not accept the proposed Official Plan Amendment proposed by municipal staff. The vote will take place on April 4, 2018. Please show your opposition to this proposed rezoning by attending the meeting.

Presentation to Council
Deputation made to Council by Ian Sinclair Nov 2016

Council Approves Changes
County and Town are Poised to Move Forward

Quarry Proposal Blue Prints
Full Set of Pretty River Quarry Drawings

Quarry Proposal Blue Prints Page 1
Page 1 of 3 of detailed drawings

Quarry Proposal Blue Prints Page 2
Page 2 of 3 of detailed drawings

Quarry Proposal Blue Prints Page 3
Page 3 of 3 of detailed drawings